The story of Quintessential

Quintessential LLC is a small Vermont based farm and business created by Sarah and Quint Welters.

Hearing a lot of good things about the healing qualities of CBD – one of the many components of the Cannabis plant – Quint tried out his first CBD extract in 2017. He was curious to learn whether it could help with the chronic nerve pain in his hand that was caused by an accident a year earlier. To his surprise it proved to be working wonders in keeping the pain at bay!

When given a chance Quint and his wife Sarah started to grow their first acre of hemp in Cabot, Vermont in 2018. It turned out to be a good year for growing  hemp. And when their first harvest was almost twice as big as expected the couple took a bold step and started their own line of CBD products – Quintessential.

Seeing the many conventional CBD products with questionable content on the market Sarah and Quint felt that there was room for improvement.

They decided to focus on simple products with organic, high-quality ingredients and zero nonsense.

For Quintessential’s CBD extract they use certified organic hemp seed oil as a carrier oil. Hemp seed oil can be locally sourced.

Quintessential’s boutique hemp flowers are hand picked from selected hemp varieties that are known for their unique flavors.

Before moving back to Vermont in 2014 – Quint grew up in Vermont, Sarah was born and raised in Germany – the couple lived, studied and worked in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe.

With their backgrounds in Fine Arts and food production Sarah and Quint developed an eye for detail and a love for crafting high quality, sustainable products.

Now the the couple raises their two sons and run their small farm in Cabot, Vermont. They grow a few selected varieties of hemp such as the classic sweet Cherry Wine varieties and spicy Magic Bullet and BaOx.

Sarah and Quint use natural, sustainable farming practices and strive to grow three acres or less of hemp each year in order to keep a close eye on each plant and the whole operation.

Diversity in varieties, crop rotation and cover-cropping are important practices for Quintessential’s farming operation. The water for the irrigation of the field comes straight from the coy fish pond with its natural springs. The small scale of the farm allows for each plant to be hand-selected and carefully dried – two essential components in producing high-quality hemp flowers.

Sarah and Quint work closely with Rhapsody Natural Foods, an organic specialty vegan food production run by Quint’s parents. They each share their knowledge and resources – such as their electric driven zero turn mower – to minimize carbon foot print and help each other’s enterprises strive.

As farmers as well as producers of hemp products the couple strives to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

When looking for the right packaging for their products Sarah and Quint decided on high quality ultraviolet light filtering glass which is designed to preserve the quality and freshness of the products by filtering out all harmful visible light rays while allowing beneficial infrared and UV-A rays.

Not only can people reuse or recycle the glass containers. Customers are offered a $3 discount on their next purchase of Quintessential products when they bring back their old glass containers.

The bigger quartz glass jars can then be refilled with new hemp flowers.

For their tincture bottles the inventive couple came up with an idea of their own: the small bottles are collected and Quint – being trained in the art of glass blowing- reshapes them to create unique, state-of-the-art chandeliers.

For Sarah and Quint connection is an essential element in running their business Quintessential

They learn from and with their community of local, experienced farmers, hemp experts and healthcare providers to learn as much as possible about the wonderful and versatile plant that hemp – cannabis – is.